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Kontaks Recruitment & Selection Service

Finding the Right Person for the Job

What is Kontaks?

  • Kontaks is an easy-to-use, efficient method for recruitment and selection of the 'Ideal Person' for any post.
  • Kontaks saves you time, money and the headache of going through piles of selective self-report resumes and endless subjective interviews.
  • With state-of-the-art computer applications, we give your company the opportunity to identify the personality traits of the ideal employee for the job.
  • We help you find employees who can 'fit in' and enhance the existing work atmosphere.
  • Kontaks is available in four (4) packages:
    • Kontaks Basic (Advertising)
    • Kontaks Basic + (Anonymous Advertising)
    • Kontaks Supreme (Advertising and Screening Applications)
    • Kontaks Optimal (Full Recruitment Service)

Kontaks Basic
Advertising your vacancy

Kontaks Basic leverages the power of the internet and social media to ensure your vacancy reaches the appropriate audiences in the shortest possible time and for a reasonable price making it one of the most cost-effective mediums for advertising.

With Kontaks Basic, your vacancy will be advertised via three (3) distinct mediums to ensure maximum reach. These will include:

  1. The JobBank’s Website - This is the premier site selected by persons in, and outside of, Jamaica who are seeking jobs in Jamaica. The post will be displayed on the Job Listings page for one (1) week.
  2. E-Blast – the advertisement for the vacancy is sent by email to our ever increasing 6,000+ email list of persons interested in vacancies and information related to business and personal development.
  3. The JobBank’s Facebook Page – With a constantly increasing following, the advertisement will get to reach an extended audience who can share with their own friends on Facebook to ensure the vacancy will reach the right people.

Kontaks Basic Plus allows you to advertise your vacancy without revealing the identity of your company. Through this package, you advertise your vacancy anonymously as a client of The JobBank and applicants are asked to apply to The JobBank directly. We will then forward all applications received to the email address you provide.

COST – (per post)
Kontaks Basic                          US$399.00 + G.C.T.
Kontaks Basic Plus                  US$549.00 + G.C.T.

Kontaks Supreme
Advertising and Reviewing Applications

Kontaks Supreme enhances the Kontaks Basic or Basic Plus package by adding a screening component to ensure you only get qualified applications to review.

With Kontaks Supreme, we will review all the applications received screening for qualifications, skills and work experience based on the job description for the position. We will select the best fifteen (15) applicants and submit to you. Applications will be reviewed and shortlist completed within five (5) working days of the stated deadline in the advertisement for the vacancy.

COST – (per post)
Kontaks Supreme                                US$849.00 + G.C.T.

Kontaks Optimal
Full Recruitment and Selection Service (Executive Search)

Kontaks Optimal will include the Kontaks Supreme package along with the candidate screening component. Kontaks Optimal will provide:

  • Assistance in designing the Personality Profile of the "Ideal" Employee for the specified post.
  • An extended advertising period with the advertisement on our Website www.jobbank-ja.com staying for the full duration of the recruitment process. Typically, the information stays on-line with updates on the status of the search for four (4) weeks.
  • The Review of applications screening for qualifications, skills, work experience
  • Interviews with the best ten (10) Applicants and screening of the final five (5) applicants for personality profile using The JobBank Personality Profile Assessment.
  • A comparative report on the applicants whose qualifications and profiles come closest to the created ideal. This is a Digital document.
  • The setting up of appointments between the top five (5) candidates and the hiring company.
The five (5) best candidates are short-listed and presented based on the education, work experience, personality traits and any other criteria provided by the hiring company.  The packages are presented as Digital documents. Additional assessments may be used during the screening process.

To Recruit each post - 10% of the Annual Salary* (contact us for full details)

N.B. If packages are provided as printed and bound documents, there is an additional charge of US$156.50 + G.C.T.

Additional Assessments
If the candidates are being hired for Sales, Customer Service, Supervisory or Management positions, additional assessments are recommended for use in the selection process. We have included some information on the other assessments that are available for use in the selection process. Additional details and costs are communicated at your request. You can also review a List of Assessments we provide.

Additional Services
Contact us to get the costs for the services listed below can be provided:

  • Independent Interviewer Services for Interview panels

  • Reference Checks - carry out work-related Reference Checks for those candidates in which the hiring company indicates interest.

  • Salary Package Negotiations

  • Application Screening – Reviewing applications you already have on hand and shortlist the best 15, 10 or 5 candidates based on the number of applications

  • Interviewing/Screening Applicants – Interviewing the candidates you have already shortlisted, assessing them using one (1) recommended psychometric assessment and shortlist the best 3 or 5 candidates (submitting candidate packages).

Call or email us anytime to request the service that is right for you.
Telephone: 948-5627
Email: info@LTSemaj.com
We are also available to respond to any query you may have.

 The JobBank Policy

The JobBank requires that all criteria for selection be shared with us in order to ensure that appropriate candidates are short-listed. We are best able to provide the candidates you need if we have all the information needed for a successful search.

Our experience has been that keeping resumes in a data bank is non-productive. After one month, all the better candidates would usually have found jobs. For this reason we always advertise available positions. The usual time frame following the placement of the Press Advertisement is two (2) weeks for candidates to respond and a further two (2) weeks for screening, assessment and interview. 

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required upon agreement to utilize our services. If The JobBank short-lists candidates according to the criteria and traits specified by a customer and the decision is made to not select any of them for the position, the balance is still due and payable.  The cost of advertising the post in the newspaper is separate and would also be due and payable.

We offer special discounts where we have been asked to fill several posts at once and where clients are selecting more than one candidate for a specific position, for example, where five (5) Sales Representatives are needed.

We look forward to efficiently serving your needs.

Leahcim Semaj                                                                              
Chief Ideator, The JobBank

(876) 948-5627

Kontaks Optimal - Some Frequently asked Questions and their Answers

What if the search does not yield suitable candidates?

We have found that once the hiring company has shared ALL the details of what candidates need to be able to do and the ‘who’ components of the ideal candidate for a post, they have been able to find strong candidates from among those short-listed for 2nd interview to fill the post. We urge all clients to:

  1. First agree among themselves what a suitable candidate will be like and tell us this information at the start of the process so that the shortlist can reflect these needs
  1. Agree on a time frame for doing the 2nd interviews with the Interview panelists. Sometimes, the best candidates are ‘lost’ because clients take too long to set up 2nd Interviews.

Where the hiring company requires a very unique mix of skills and abilities, we ask that the most critical competencies be identified as those will determine the selection of candidates for 1st interview.

Here are the contingencies that we have in place to ensure the success of the process.

Challenge # 1
Mostly/only unsuitable candidates have responded to the advertisement.

Upon reviewing the applications, we are able to indicate to the hiring company if the field of candidates is weak. Where this is so, we recommend that the print advertisement be run again. Where professional bodies in the field of endeavour exist, we make contact with this organization to contact potential candidates.

Challenge #2
The candidates that seem most suitable are asking for higher salaries than are being offered

The JobBank will bring this to the hiring company’s attention. Where the company is unwilling/unable to increase the salary being offered, The JobBank will recommend that candidates whose expectations are more in line with the offer be short-listed as these persons are more likely to accept the offer and remain with the hiring company.

Challenge #3
The candidates complete the 2nd interview and none of them are suitable

In this situation, we will need to know the exact areas of deficiency. Sometimes, a critical issue was not communicated and we are able to revise the short-list and send additional candidates from the existing pool of candidates/applicants based on the new information.

Challenge #4
Where a suitable candidate cannot be found from among the existing pool of candidates/applicants

Where a suitable candidate cannot be found from among the existing pool of candidates/applicants, The JobBank will restart the Kontaks Optimal service at an additional cost of 50% of the standard Kontaks Optimal cost (US$2,599.00 or 10% of the annual salary, whichever is higher).

The concluding Kontaks Optimal service will be charged at a flat rate of US$2,599.00 + G.C.T. and will become due and payable once the process restarts.

We hope that this answers most of your concerns, but if there are additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to an opportunity to provide you with this service.

Staff Selection - Kontaks Recruitment Service
A selection of the clients who we have served is provided below

kontaks clients

Thank you for your interest in The JobBank!

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