July 23, 2016  
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Job Title Job Status
Quality Assurance Manager Accepting Applications new
Technical Support Officer 1st Interviews being conducted new
Product Officer Reviewing Applications  
Logistics Officer Reviewing Applications  
Internal Control Manager Reviewing Applications  
Technology Operations Manager 1st Interviews being conducted  
Defense Player (Proposal Writer and Content Specialist) Accepting Applications  
Midfield Player (Customer Relationship Officer) Accepting Applications  
Director, Finance & Administration Post Filled  


Job Status Legend
new – means this is a new available post
Accepting Applications – We will accept all applications for as long as this notice remains in place
1st Interviews being scheduled – All applications have been reviewed and a short-list is created. Persons on the short-list are being contacted to set up appointments for interview with The JobBank. No new applications will be reviewed.
1st Interviews being conducted – Persons on the initial short-list are being interviewed during this period. No new applications will be reviewed.
2nd Interviews being scheduled – All 1st Interviews have been completed and a further short-list has been done. Usually there are five (5) candidates that are still being considered at this point in the process and interviews are being scheduled with the hiring company. No new applications will be reviewed.
2nd Interviews being conducted – Interviews are now taking place between the final candidates and the hiring company. No new applications will be reviewed.

Post Filled – The hiring company has selected a candidate and an offer has been made and accepted.

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