Jamaican Labour Laws Quiz - The Answer Sheet


  1. An eight-hour work day includes 1 hour for lunch

    True ____   False    X    

  2. It is mandated by law that all workers must get 1 hour for lunch

    True ____   False    X    

  3. It is the responsibility of my employer to provide me with Health Insurance

    True ____   False    X    

  4. The National Minimum Wage for a 40-hour work week is currently

    $4,070 per week  X   $3,200 per week___  $6, 048 per week ___

  5. The Holiday With Pay Order states that a regular worker has to work not less than 110 days each year to qualify for Vacation Leave

    True     X       False___

  6. The Holiday With Pay Order states that the employee is due leave in the year following the qualifying year

    True     X       False___

  7. The Sick Leave With Pay Order provides for _______Working Days per year:

    10     X         15_____ 20______

  8. I am entitled to Sick Leave With Pay if I:

    A. Inform my employer of my illness not later than the second day
    B. Send in a Medical Certificate after 3 days of illness
    C. Have been working for one (1) full year or at least 110 days with the same employer

    A. only ____ B. only ___ C. only ___ A. & B. ___

    A. & C. ____ B. & C. ____   A., B. & C.     X    

  9. If a worker falls ill before completing one year’s service, provided s/he has completed 110 days work, s/he is eligible for paid sick leave

    True     X     False ___

  10. A doctor’s certificate should recommend a specific number of Working Days of Sick Leave

    _____  Yes, this is correct. The doctor should state the number of days required for recovery

        X     No, the doctor cannot separate working days from non-working days where illness is concerned

  11. To qualify for Maternity Leave With Pay a woman would have to:

    A. be at least 18 years old
    B. have worked continuously for at least 52 weeks with the same employer
    C. be at least 5 months pregnant

    A & C ___      B & C ___      A & B ___      A, B & C     X    

  12. If a Public Holiday falls on a day in my working week, within the period when I am on Vacation Leave, I am entitled to an extra day.

    True     X