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What is a Psychometric Test?

It is a valid and reliability instrument on the basis of which inferences are made about individual differences such as personal characteristics or traits, underlying reasons for actions and possible future behaviour.

Psychometric Testing Falls Into Three (3) Main Types:

  • Aptitude Tests which measure the ability to perform or carry out different tasks
  • Interest Inventories which measure variations in motivation, in the direction and strength of our interests, and in values and opinions
  • Personality Tests which measure differences in the style or manner of doing things, and in the way people interact with their environment and other people.


Articles for The Sunday Observer – World of Work

Jamaican Labour Laws Quiz

Do I Love/Should I Leave My Job Checklist - new
(PDF file, 55 KB) 
Managing The Future: Society and its Changing value System – Sports, Arts, Religion, Music new
Presented at The Jamaica Institute of Management,
Convention 2008,
April 12, 2008
The Knutsford Court Hotel , Kingston, Jamaica

ManagingTheFuture.pdf (PDF file, 460 KB) 
Finding Direction (CHOICES Expo - June 5, 2007)
by Dr. Leahcim T. Semaj, Change Agent

ChoicesFindingDirection2007.pdf (PDF file, 935 KB) 
Employee Loyalty (JCCUL, January 24, 2007)
by Dr. Leahcim T. Semaj, Change Agent

EmployeeLoyaltyJCCUL2007.pdf (PDF file, 703 KB) 
Shaping Attitudes (CHOICES Expo - June 2, 2005)
by Dr. Leahcim T. Semaj, Change Agent

Shaping Attitudes 3 - Choices 2005 handout.pdf (PDF file, 1.90 MB) 
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Finding Direction - CHOICES Expo 2005

21st Century Job Hunting - Notes for Guidance Counselors
(CHOICES Expo - 2004)

An Introduction to the Fields of Psychology

Why We Ask to see Original Certificates

JobBank/Flair Articles

JobBank Notes

The JobBank Human Capital AuditŪ Notes

Cover Letters That Work

The JobBank Seminar Series


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