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We identify Best Practices, assist individuals and companies to achieve them, so that we can all Do Well by Doing Right.

Leahcim T. Semaj & Company Limited is a limited liability company with Leahcim Semaj as the Managing Director. The company has sought since its inception to provide services designed to meet the changing needs of the Jamaican and Caribbean workplace. Our work has given us the opportunity to serve a very wide range of entities providing them with diverse services.

Where we started, Where we are headed

In the beginning was The Word, and the word transformed itself into a successful radio programme called The Night Doctor Show on RJR which radically changed night radio in Jamaica, then into ground breaking Power Talk on Power 106 FM which brought a new focus to daytime talk radio.

The next mile post was the islandwide People’s Money Expo series which sought to demystify how money works and to fuel our people's entreprenuerial spirit. We then decided to combine our skills and abilities to forge an entity of our own and in 1994 Leahcim T. Semaj & Company Limited was registered.

We have provided training seminars and workshops, done public education programmes, conceptualised the current Cambio System in collaboration with Max Lambie, provided assessment services, staff appraisal and incentive programmes, staff selection, market research services, and designed orientation programme material.

We have remained very change adaptive, responsive to our customers’ needs and efficient. We are a small business that is determined to provide world-class service to our customers.

We thank all the people, in all the companies who believe in us enough to give us the opportunity to do some really interesting and sometimes far-reaching work.

We also say “Thank You” to all who have worked with us as associates and as team members as they have helped us deliver on our promises.

The Goal is Excellence

Our Values Statement is The Goal is Excellence.

    • We express Gratitude to the customers who chose to do business with us
    • We honour our Obligations
    • We consider All the stakeholders in our decisions
    • We Love what we do

Our Services
Our services are geared towards helping companies and individuals become the best that they can be. We offer individual consultations and a variety of tests to give our clients the edge in this very competitive world.

We continue to offer the full slate of services:

Keynote / Motivational Speaker Mergers-The Human Element
Strategic Planning Retreats Change Management
Cultural Realignment Interventions Psychometric Testing
Job Satisfaction Studies Recruitment
Bespoke Seminars and Workshops Management Consultant

Testing & Assessment Services

We use valid and reliable instruments to measure aptitude, skills, interests, educational status, IQ, EQ, values, opinions, personal characteristics/traits and mental states. On the basis of these results, it is possible to make inferences about individuals such as competence, underlying reasons for actions, possible future behaviour and likely interactions with environments and other people. There are assessments that can be used to help you make decisions almost every context. Please click here to learn more.


Seminars & Workshops

Need to move things up a notch or in a different direction? Need to introduce a concept or to get people motivate to meet a challenge? Then you should be talking to us. All seminars and workshops are designed/modified to meet the specific needs of clients: their circumstances, level of functioning of the team, unique issues or challenges. Our interventions are international standard and the information presented is based on the most current data available. Please click here to learn more about what we can do for you.


Kontaks Recruitment Service

When you need to recruit new staff or to make decisions for internal promotions, call on us. Kontaks is an easy-to-use, efficient method for selecting the 'Ideal Person' for any post. Kontaks saves companies time, money and the headache of going through piles of selective self-report resumes and endless subjective interviews. We help you find employees who can 'fit in' and enhance the existing work atmosphere and perform the responsibilities of the role competently. With state-of-the-art computer applications, we give your company the opportunity to identify the personality traits of the ideal employee for the job. Click here for more details on the service.



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